215 Needham Street,
Modesto California 95351
“Our office has everything we need to determine the proper treatment for each individual patient as well as all we need for effective treatment.


With on-site x-ray and we can be certain of the needs and proper application of chiropractic for each individual patient.

Condition Specific Exercise and Nutrition

Many conditions have specific exercises and/or nutritional supporting actions that aid your body in healing and repair. Once your diagnosis is determined we can give you a list of distinct exercises and nutrition supplementation that you may use to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment you receive.


Our office has massage therapy available that is provided by excellent, experienced therapists at affordable rates. ($50.00 per hour session) You do not have to be a chiropractic patient to take part in this service.

Physiological Therapeutics

Our office incorporates the most essential therapeutic modalities such as ultra-sound, electronic muscle stimulation, interferential current and others to support proper healing and the elimination of pain.

Billing Services

We are happy to bill your insurance company for you. Most insurance is accepted and you will know the coverage you have prior to spending any money in our office. You will have no surprises.

If you have been injured and there is 3rd party liability, we will accept a lien from your attorney in lieu of payment at the time of service.”

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